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Reduce your teeth sensitivity

There are several steps you can take to reduce tooth sensitivity and improve oral health.

If your saliva needs to be at a pH of seven and it is too acidic, the enamel becomes weak and perforated, which not only contributes to the tenderness of the teeth but also provides a good environment for decay.

An acidic environment can mineralize the surface of the teeth, but saliva helps the mineralization of the teeth. Healthy saliva leads to a balance of bacterial flora and hormone production and digestion. If your saliva is too alkaline, your tooth is high for calculus build-up due to excessive calcium.

Salt cleaning helps to create a more alkaline environment in the mouth and helps get rid of pathogenic bacteria. Mix five teaspoons of salt with 500 ml boiling water and leave to cool. Swim, brush your teeth twice a day and follow the diet all day if you can.

The best way to optimize the pH of your saliva is through your diet. Since teeth attract nutrients through their roots, food is vital to preventing contamination and maintaining healthy saliva. Make sure you eat plenty of foods and avoid processed foods. Fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 are important for dental health.

Stress and inflammation can significantly alter the saliva structure and affect the healthy flora of the mouth and intestines.

If you choose whole grains and nuts, you should consider soaking, sprouting and fermenting traditional methods to reduce phytic acid levels and improve oral and intestinal health. Superfoods are best found in alkaline foods such as green greens, sprouts, parsley, coriander, spirulina, chlorella, vitrograss, barley straw and vitamin K.

Grass butter or ghee is a great source of vitamin K2 and vitamin A.

In addition to these greens, BS herbs such as chia seeds, flax seeds, tahini, horseradish and nettle provide bioavailability minerals for healthy teeth (including skin, hair, nails and bones). To get the required amount of vitamin D3, you need to take a supplement, which is a vitamin rather than a preventative hormone. Take at least 5,000IU every day.

My All-Time Favorite Remedy is a simple effort to use what you usually find in your kitchen cupboard. Add 15 ml (one teaspoon) apple cider vinegar, a slice or two of ginger root, a pinch of roasted pepper and some local honey and enjoy in a cup of hot water.

You want to find raw, pasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar if possible. Apple Cider Vinegar provides nutrients that help reduce pain, reduce pain and prevent the progression of arthritis. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory.

You can boost your immunity by adding cinnamon or a pinch of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of turmeric and garlic cloves to balance blood circulation and blood sugar.

Ginger helps improve root circulation and reduces inflammation.

It also helps to ease the pain. If you can’t root the new root, the dry ginger does. Use up to one teaspoon per cup.

Drink two or three cups of this ingredient daily and reuse ginger root slices for three days.

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